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The Dundee Early Intervention Team (DEIT) is a partnership of the 4 leading children’s charities in Dundee - Aberlour, CHILDREN 1st, Action for Children and Barnardo’s; working together with Dundee City Council, NHS Tayside and Dundee Voluntary Action.

The Dundee Early Intervention Team aims to improve outcomes for children and families, addressing problems before they become critical and preventing the need for greater interventions.

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Services & Outcomes

The team supports families where the eldest (or only) child is aged between 5-12, and still in primary education, offering support, advice and guidance on all or any aspects of parenting, social, health or relationship difficulties over a fixed period of time. Social Pedagogy philosophy and approaches underpin the team practice, working with the ‘whole’ child, bringing "heads, hands and heart" to the work.

Support is provided to families on a planned basis, incorporating early mornings, evenings and weekends as agreed within the family support plan. The team has a pool of volunteers, allowing for additional support to be offered to families as needed.

In addition to support from the team, families have access to a 24/7 telephone helpline, for support and guidance.


  • Improved Outcomes for children in families with multiple and complex needs.
  • New approaches to local delivery that demonstrate replicable models which lead to more effective, tailored and joined up support to families with multiple and complex needs.
  • Improved learning and sharing of best practice between public services and voluntary and community sector organisations.
  • Children will have better boundaries and feel more secure.
  • Children will be better protected by living in stable settings.
  • Children will feel more confident as part of a secure stable family.
  • Children will have less exposure to harm through substance misuse and associated neglect or violence.
  • Children will thrive through improved care, diet and activity.
  • Children will make better use of preventative health care services.
  • Children will thrive through creative free play and involvement in extra-curricular interests in the community.
  • Families will experience well-being through sharing active pursuits.
  • Children will be more likely to become good parents through good parenting.
  • Children & families will be more resilient in the face of set-backs & huge adversity.
  • Children will show improved attendance and attainment at school
  • Children will evidence increased pro-social behaviour in their community.
  • Children’s views will be heard and taken account of in decisions which affect them.
  • Families will be less likely to break up due to poverty, debt & workless-ness.
  • Families will improve their positive social networks.
  • Families will access the training or support needed to improve financial management, gain & retain work, & access eligible benefits.


Parents and Young People

Would you benefit from having someone to talk to about any changes you would like to make for you and your family?

Is your eldest child at primary school?

Do you feel you would benefit from having some help with looking after your child(ren) ?

Then, the Dundee Early Intervention Team could help you.

We can provide help, advice and guidance on all aspects of parenting as well as social, health or relationship difficulties, during the week and at weekends.

If you feel we could help you in any way then please call us on 08456 000039, and ask to speak to a member of the team. 


If you have an appropriate referral, we advise you to call the team in the first instance to discuss the family and consider if DEIT would be a suitable service. We work with families where the eldest or only child is aged between 5-12 and still in primary education, and where there is no current (or previous) statutory involvement from Social Work. Where DEIT is considered to be appropriate for the family, we will then ask you to complete the GIRFEC form used in Dundee. This can be found on the Dundee Integrated Children’s Services webpage, or by clicking here.

Once the completed GIRFEC form has been received, the team manager will review and allocate this to a member of the team who will contact you to discuss the information provided and agree if a joint initial visit is appropriate. The initial visit will be carried out and at this point information about the service and the data we store will be discussed with the family. After this the parent(s) will be asked to sign the GIRFEC Sharing of Information consent form and at a suitable time will be arranged with the family to commence the assessment visits.

We aim to complete our assessments within a 2 week period and together with the family we will develop, a support plan, identifying the outcomes they wish to work on. The family’s progress is reviewed on a 4 week basis, giving us the opportunity to reflect and feedback on their successes. Our interventions with families are time limited to prevent the creation of  dependency, so the team aims to work with families for approximately 12-16 weeks.  We  employ a Social Pedagogy approach, which is holistic and multi-dimensional , bringing  "heads, hands and heart" to our work with children and families. You can find out more about Social Pedagogy on the following link  http://www.thempra.org.uk/


Contact details

Dundee Early Intervention Team
47 Blinshall Street
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