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You can make a single donation or set up a regular gift by Direct Debit online.

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You can download a Postal Donation Form or a Direct Debit Form and send it to: Aberlour, 36 Park Terrace, Stirling FK8 2JR.

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You can call us on 01786 450335 if you would like more information.

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Adam's Story

Aberlour makes life easier for families where a child has a disability. Your gift will help a child like Adam shine this Christmas. Adam was born prematurely, resulting in a brain haemorrhage, leaving him with epilepsy, learning difficulties and mobility problems. “At the age of six, Adam joined Aberlour Options – Fife. It was difficult to let him go, but after seeing the excitement on Adam’s face every second Monday, it became apparent that he loved the service and the experiences he was able to share. “Twelve years later, and we’ve had so many firsts; his first football match, taking part in fundraising events, and helping to choose the next Chief Executive of Aberlour! Not to mention the cinema visits, trips to IKEA and Deep Sea World. Aberlour staff are no longer strangers, but more like extended family."

Demi's Story

Aberlour works with young people to prevent their problems from spiralling out of control. Your gift will help a young person like Demi shine this Christmas. “I first started having suicidal thoughts when I was 8. That’s when I first came to Aberlour Youthpoint – Moray. I knew about it because that was when my older brother was referred to the service. He had so many issues. No-body knew that I was struggling too. When I was 13 I tried to commit suicide because it became too much. I took an overdose. My confidence was like, nothing. Then I was matched with a mentor who has helped me so much. “I started going on training courses to become a mentor myself because I want to help others. I want to be someone that is so positive, because I was so negative before.”

Charlene's Story

Aberlour offers a safe and loving place to live for children who have suffered abuse and trauma. Your gift will help a child like Charlene shine this Christmas. “I remember the day I left my mum’s. I was at nursery and social work came in and said we were going away. We left everything, got in the car and went. “I was 12 when I came to Sycamore. I was shy. But once I got to know the staff I came out my shell. I felt happy and safe there. “I stayed in Sycamore until I was 18. It was the longest time I spent anywhere. It was a family. They were easy to talk to, although I never really talked about the things that happened to me when I was younger. They are still helping me with that now.”