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Xuan’s story

Xuan arrived in Scotland, alone, aged 13. She had been trafficked and was forced to work as a domestic slave. Xuan grew up with her mum and dad in Vietnam, was well cared for and went to school. But one day her life changed forever. When Xuan’s dad was arrested by the authorities, her mum and Xuan had to leave Vietnam for their safety. But the people who were supposed to help them leave forced them to work in very bad conditions. Xuan’s mum told her they were going to the UK to be safe. She was told she should get on a lorry alone and her mum would join her later. After a terrifying journey, Xuan was taken to a house and forced to clean and look after a young baby. She asked where her mum was but was not told anything. She felt very scared. Xuan managed to escape, and is being supported by the Scottish Guardianship Service. She is attending college and there are people to help her at her accommodation. Xuan says life is better now.

Charlene's Story

Aberlour offers a safe and loving place to live for children who have suffered abuse and trauma. Your gift will help a child like Charlene shine this Christmas. “I remember the day I left my mum’s. I was at nursery and social work came in and said we were going away. We left everything, got in the car and went. “I was 12 when I came to Sycamore. I was shy. But once I got to know the staff I came out my shell. I felt happy and safe there. “I stayed in Sycamore until I was 18. It was the longest time I spent anywhere. It was a family. They were easy to talk to, although I never really talked about the things that happened to me when I was younger. They are still helping me with that now.”