Alana’s story

“I went through a lot as a child. From when I was 6 until I was 9, I was taking care of my mum. Then my dad left in quite a brutal way. None of my school peers could understand what I was going through. I was a young carer. I had to wash my … Continued

Charlene’s story

I remember the day that I left my mum’s. I was at my nursery and social work came in and said we were going away. I went into foster care. Then when I was 12, I came to live in Sycamore. I was shy. I just did my own thing. But once I got to … Continued

Justine’s story

I had always wanted to have children, from a very young age. When we found out I was pregnant, we were really happy. I was so excited but I was also really scared because I had no family of my own around me. I felt very isolated and alone. Soon after the birth, Damien went … Continued

Kate’s story

I ended up going to Aberlour Youthpoint – Moray, when I was 13. I was having problems at school. I was being bullied and I had a really big drinking problem. I had behavioural problems you could say. I was like a firecracker. I physically could not speak to anyone unless I had a drink … Continued

Anna’s Story

“When my daughter Anna was diagnosed with autism, I was heartbroken. Life is tough enough without adding extra challenges. She started coming to Aberlour Options in January 2014. When she’s not having her respite break, a normal day for us is chaos. “Anna demands so much of my attention. She has to be kept on … Continued