Aberlour Family Outreach Dundee Cook Group

Aberlour Family Outreach Dundee helps parents and children who are struggling to cope as a result of drug and alcohol use in the family. In addition to the support service, Aberlour have been running a volunteer-led Cook Group since May 2016. The aim of the group is to empower families to cook easy, healthy, cost-effective … Continued

Mia’s Story

Mia, age 30, was referred to Aberlour Family Support Centre – Langlees, which helps families by building confidence in parents and offering lots of fun for little ones, by her health visitor when she was pregnant with her first child. The centre offers Early Learning and Child Care sessions for children aged 18 months to … Continued

Alana’s story

“I went through a lot as a child. From when I was 6 until I was 9, I was taking care of my mum. Then my dad left in quite a brutal way. None of my school peers could understand what I was going through. I was a young carer. I had to wash my … Continued

Charlene’s story

I remember the day that I left my mum’s. I was at my nursery and social work came in and said we were going away. I went into foster care. Then when I was 12, I came to live in Sycamore. I was shy. I just did my own thing. But once I got to … Continued

Justine’s story

I had always wanted to have children, from a very young age. When we found out I was pregnant, we were really happy. I was so excited but I was also really scared because I had no family of my own around me. I felt very isolated and alone. Soon after the birth, Damien went … Continued

Kate’s story

I ended up going to Aberlour Youthpoint – Moray, when I was 13. I was having problems at school. I was being bullied and I had a really big drinking problem. I had behavioural problems you could say. I was like a firecracker. I physically could not speak to anyone unless I had a drink … Continued

Anna’s Story

“When my daughter Anna was diagnosed with autism, I was heartbroken. Life is tough enough without adding extra challenges. She started coming to Aberlour Options in January 2014. When she’s not having her respite break, a normal day for us is chaos. “Anna demands so much of my attention. She has to be kept on … Continued