Aberlour story

At Aberlour, we are there for children, young people and families across Scotland, helping transform lives for the better. We support them through challenges like living with a disability, growing up in and leaving care, and the impact of drugs and alcohol on families.

We offer support at the earliest opportunity – giving children the best possible start in life is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to getting it right for our children by tailoring our services to help each child, young person and family achieve their own personal goals.

Aberlour has a rich history of delivering vital services to vulnerable children, young people and their families. Since our inception as an orphanage in Speyside in 1875 and the formal establishment of Aberlour Child Care Trust in 1976, we have developed a significant reputation for delivering the following services: residential care and fostering, dependency, early years, disability and early intervention youth work.

With 140 years of experience and learning behind us, our latest strategy is designed to help reinforce our reputation as Aberlour – Scotland’s children’s charity, the leading Scottish children’s charity and a major force for change.

Read Our Aberlour: A Strategy for Success 2015-18

Our vision

To transform the lives of the children and families we work with and, through this, contribute to building a fairer and more equal society.

Our values

Respect means acting in a way that shows we care about the feelings of one another, and that we listen to one another’s opinions. As a person-centered organisation that stands up for the rights of all children and families, a culture of respect is inherent in all of our work.

Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no-one else is watching. We recognise that to fully represent the concerns of Scotland’s children and families, we may have to go against the grain or take difficult decisions. We will strive to act with integrity at all times.

Innovative means finding new, efficient ways to do things. We are committed to learning and developing improved ways of helping Scotland’s children and families. We will be innovative in our approaches, to ensure we are doing the best for our children and families.

Challenging means testing ourselves and those around us. It means not accepting the status quo. Within Aberlour, we will challenge ourselves to be the best we can be, as a provider of choice. Externally, we will use our campaigning voice to challenge decisions in the policy sphere, to ensure that our families’ voices are heard.

Aberlour is a member of or regulated by:

Scottish Social Services Council
The Care Inspectorate
Education Scotland
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
Fundraising Standards Board