Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund Gives Out Over £1,000,000 since April 2021


Since April 2021 the Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund has supported over 2,600 families, over 5,380 children and has given out over £1million in cash grants.

Below are some key statistics about how the Urgent Assistance Fund has been helping families across Scotland since April last year.

Aberlour Urgent Assistance Infographic March 2022

The Urgent Assistance Fund helps struggling families to buy the everyday basics they need to survive like food, clothing and to pay heating bills to keep their children warm.

The fund is a lifeline for many families and helps to alleviate some of the stress they face every day as they are trapped in poverty.

Recently we supported Maddie* and her two daughters, Izzy* (2) and Penny* (6 weeks.)

Maddie was introduced to Sharlene, an Aberlour Family Worker, as Izzy wasn’t speaking yet, and the family needed a little extra help. While getting to know Maddie, Sharlene noticed she was very stressed and anxious.

At this time Maddie was still pregnant with Penny and had just become a single parent. Sharlene wanted to do everything she could to help ease the stress on Maddie. Maddie had found herself in rent arrears for the past two years. Universal Credit had stopped paying her rent. Maddie wasn’t aware of this until she received a letter explaining she was nearly in £1000 worth of debt.

Maddie got a short-term job to help pay the debt off. However Universal Credit stopped paying her rent again and Maddie received another letter. Extremely worried about how she would keep a roof over Izzy and her unborn baby’s head, Maddie went into early labour.

Through the Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund Sharlene was able to secure a cash grant for Maddie and her girls. Sharlene was able to help Maddie manage her rent arrears, allowing her to apply for a new council house, so Maddie and her girls could have a fresh start as a new family. She was also able to buy a cot for Penny, as well as clothes and nappies.

Sharlene and the team are still supporting Maddie, Izzy and Penny and will be there for as long as they’re needed.

“Sharlene’s got me out of a massive hole that I thought I’d never get out of. She’s been amazing and has done the world of good for my children and me.” Maddie

The cost of living is continuing to rise, and many families like Maddie’s are desperate. The Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund is available to help families in Scotland struggling to make ends meet. Find out more about the fund.

You can help children and their families trapped in poverty by donating to our Urgent Assistance Fund today.

*Names changed.