Aberlour Young People

Join in the weekend of fun

If you are an Aberlour young person (aged 12-25) you’re invited to join us for the #AbJam2022 Big Weekend. Join in, meet other Aberlour young people from across Scotland, try new things and most importantly have fun.


abjam 2020

abjam 2020 participants

Some lovely memories from previous AbJam events.

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Share your ideas

AbJam is imagined and planned by and for Aberlour young people. Sometimes our young people even deliver the workshops and activities on subjects that are important to them. This means it is built from your ideas. Why not share them with the AbJam Young Planners?

Send us an email at lizzie.coutts@aberlour.org.uk.


Video by Matthew Grant -Aberlour young person

become a young planner

Any Aberlour young person can join the Young Planners. They work together throughout the year to design and realise the AbJam they have imagined. One of the AbJam2021 young planners shared her experience:

What’s it like, being a young planner?

It’s hard to explain, you just have to experience it for yourself. Sit there and watch the way that you progress from having a funny little idea to that being the main theme’. You make your own community whilst you’re sitting there planning. You find their likes and yours. You have laughs, but also get down to it and try and make life easier for other people and get them more involved in something

What do you do?

You have to think about what you like and what other people might like to do for AbJam. If you don’t like something, you get to use your voice to say. Me personally, I don’t like physical exercise, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t do it [at Abjam]. It just means we might choose to do that as well as other things. You might also actually find fun in what someone else likes though, if you go in open-minded

– Vange, AbJam2021 Young Planner.

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