Aberlour Jamboree (AbJam)

What is AbJam?

The Aberlour Jamboree (or AbJam, as it is usually known) is an annual event open to all Aberlour young people, aged 12-25. It is young person led. This means it is imagined and designed by young people we support. They call themselves the AbJam Young Planners.

Held over a summer weekend, it is an opportunity for Aberlour young people from all over Scotland, to come together, try new things, make positive memories, and have fun! It is also a time for us to catch up with our young people and create space for them to discuss and share their views on subjects important to them. We listen to these views and use them to shape and improve our work. We also tell others, like the Scottish Government and policy makers, what our young people think is important.

Why do we do it?

Being brave

Our new strategy is all about Being Brave. We want to take on new challenges, celebrate new ideas and importantly, provide choice for our young people about the ways we engage with them. We are also committed to elevate and amplify the voices of our young people. AbJam is one way we realise these ambitions and commitments.

Championing rights, participation, and voice

From planning to delivery and content, AbJam is all about listening and responding to our young people. They don’t always feel comfortable speaking out, especially if they have had difficult experiences in the past.

AbJam supports everyone involved to express themselves in a way that feels safe to them, and build the skills and confidence to speak out both at AbJam and beyond.

What's it like?

AbJam 2022

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