Access Your Records

Were you or your relatives in the orphanage or one of our other services? 

We have been able to help lots of people trace their family trees, by providing details from our archives, about relatives who spent time in our services. We are also able to help individuals to trace their own records, if they have spent time in our care.

how to access records

Data Protection: Please note, if you are requesting access to your own record you must provide a valid form of ID such as copy of your birth certificate or photocopy of your driving license or passport. If you are not requesting information from your own file we will require proof of ID from yourself plus confirmation of your relationship to the person who owns the file you are requesting. For example, this could be a power of attorney (or similar) if the person is still alive or the person’s death certificate. Another option is to include a copy of your birth certificate if you are requesting information on your parent.