Anti Bullying Week 2020 – Ella’s story


“My experiences of being bullied…

I was bullied throughout primary because I was shy, ginger, and just because people had nothing better to do.

It didn’t get that bad until I got to P6; that’s when most of my friends matured and I never did, so I always felt lost and behind. I lost my closest friend that year. I thought she was only using me to be popular because once she left she convinced everyone I hated them. Or so I thought, but it turned out it wasn’t her…

I’m not going to mention names though. In P6 my so-called friends got my other friend to batter me even though she didn’t want to (she’s not friends with them and we are not friends now). In P7 I got bullied because of fake rumours and I remember these three boys who bullied me they called me names and they made false rumours about me. I’ll never forget that time where one of the boys jumped on my legs when they were on the desk. I had bruises for months after that.

Last year I lost my dog – she couldn’t walk and had brain problems. The year before I lost my uncle due to cancer.

I have really bad anxiety. It gets to me all the time and then I get emotional and have anxiety attacks where I can’t breathe. I always think I’m not worth but I have my family, friends, and even my boyfriend to make me feel better. I have a book where I draw my emotions and feelings because I can’t say them out loud.”

My message to other young people who are also bullied is:




*name changed for anonymity