Befriending Week 2020 – Rosina’s story


Rosina, an experienced mentor and Children’s Panel member, has been with our befriending project since the very beginning. Alongside more long-term matches, Rosina has also supported the project by doing extra ad-hoc volunteering with young people to help them navigate their new city upon arrival and accompanying them to specific appointments.

“I was drawn to the Befriending Project because I felt I could help a vulnerable young person feel more at home in Glasgow. I also feel that as the role of Befriender is voluntary it might feel different from the other relationships the young people have with professionals within the service.”

After a very successful first match, Rosina has recently been matched with a new young person. Now on her second longer-term match, she has reflected on the changes she has seen in young people over time and what she herself has learned along the way.

“I enjoy getting to know the young person, introducing them to new experiences, and seeing them increase in confidence. I have noticed a big difference in my young person’s spoken English and also her general confidence and independence. I hope that I have helped with these developments in some way.”

“I have learned about the challenges of communicating with a language barrier and also that most of the young people only want to eat in McDonald’s or KFC! I have learned to focus on the present with my young person and talk about future plans, not what has happened in the past.”

aberlour befriending service sightseeing

Apart from trips to McDonald’s and KFC, Rosina has also taken young people to see various attractions around Glasgow including Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis, and different galleries and museums. One of her favourite trips was taking her young person through to Edinburgh.

“I took my young person to Edinburgh for the day and I think she enjoyed the train journey and seeing the sights, particularly the view from the Castle.”

Even as someone who is very experienced in working with young people, Rosina has said that the training and support she receives from the service has been an important part of her enjoyment of and success in the role.

“I would highly recommend volunteering with Aberlour! The training offered to volunteers is thought-provoking, practical, and collaborative and I have felt supported all through my volunteering journey. I am particularly impressed with how the support continues after the match is made and I have always felt able to contact a member of staff if I have any questions or concerns.”


Rosina-Alter-Aberlour Volunteer-Experience


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