Being Brave – Our Aberlour Strategy 2021 – 2025


Aberlour’s new strategy is about Being Brave for Children, Young People and Families.


We know that not all children are born with an equal chance. We know that support often comes too late and in response to crisis. And we know that this has a negative impact on children already facing disadvantage because of poverty and discrimination.


We are committed to continue to fight poverty and discrimination, developing more support to children and families and reaching more of them across more diverse communities.


Our Being Brave strategy aligns with our Vision “Not all children are born with an equal chance. We will work together to beat poverty and discrimination” and our Values of “Respect, Integrity, Innovation and Challenge” will remain our guiding principles, underpinning everything we do.


The statement of intent in our Being Brave strategy, 2021-2025 is to:-


  • Grow our services to support more children and families earlier
  • Reach more diverse communities
  • Influence policy and practice by elevating the voices of our children and families
  • Ensure that our organisation is sustainable – financially, socially and environmentally – and is focussed on children and families
  • Be nimble and encourage change and innovation
  • Strive to be the best employer we can be – somewhere that people choose to stay


“This strategy is about how we continue to support and work alongside children and families to make sure their voices are elevated and listened to. It describes our ambition to be better at what we do – to learn, adapt and innovate. And it sets out our goals. These goals will stretch us – that’s what ‘Being Brave’ means. It is not simply a slogan. It is a commitment to challenge ourselves, to challenge others – and to be challenged by the children, young people and families we support”.


SallyAnn Kelly, CEO and David Robb, Chair of the Board of Trustees.


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