Blog: Foster Care Fortnight #FosteringCommunities


Today is the beginning of The Fostering Network’s annual fostering awareness campaign, Foster Care Fortnight.  This year’s theme is #FosteringCommunities. It is all about celebrating the strength and resilience of our fostering communities and all they do to ensure children are cared for and supported to thrive. 

At Aberlour Children’s Charity, we care deeply about providing high quality care and support within a loving, homely environment where children and young people have a genuine sense of belonging. We are committed to “Being Bravefor children, young people and their families. 

There has never been a more important time to bring communities together and Aberlour Fostering is its own extremely important community.  Throughout the year we plan and host fun events creating a space for not only connecting our children and young people but also our fostering families and the team supporting them.  What I love about these times is the genuine relationships made within the group.  I have watched young people exchanging phone numbers, making plans and connecting with others sharing similar stories. While our foster carers support each other with advice, strategies and laughter.  

Aberlour Fostering Water Sports Day

During training and at enquiry stages we ask our fostering community to share their own experiences as foster carers, young people living in a fostering household or as sons or daughters of foster carers.  These words and stories are the ones that remain in the hearts and minds of our “newly approved” foster carers and through these our fostering community continues to grow and flourish. 

To all our amazing foster families and in whatever capacity you support fostering, thank you for being part of our Aberlour fostering community. 

Please take part in Foster Care Fortnight in whatever way you can: 

  • Like, share/retweet and comment on our social media posts. 
  • Engage friends, relatives and neighbours by sharing your fostering experience with them.
  • Encourage others to speak to us about becoming a foster carer with Aberlour. 

For more information on becoming a foster carer call our team on 01592 591500 or fill out our enquiry form. Our team can’t wait to hear from you! 

Kerryanne Duffin, Aberlour Fostering Service Manager

Kerryanne Duffin 

Aberlour Fostering Service Manager