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a decade of the scottish guardianship service – zayn’s story

“My favourite Scottish word is daftie. I use it a lot.” 19-year old Zayn loves living in Glasgow. “I feel like I’m home. Glasgow is just making me so happy every day. I think the memories that I’ve made with friends here, and just the people that I’ve had experience with, it’s a good feeling … Continued

a decade of the scottish guardianship service – Hai’s story

“Learning to drive. That was my foster mum’s dream for me. I was a bit scared. But it was fine. I passed first time.” Twenty-year-old Hai has a flat of his own now but remains very close to his foster Mum. His guardian Hannah knew a good foster placement was the safest option for him, … Continued

Hai Scottish Guardianship service

A decade of the Scottish Guardianship Service – Tati’s story

“They used to call me Tattie Scone at school. I didn’t even know that was potato!” When Tati started high school, he had to learn Scotland’s language and culture quickly. Now 22 and with a strong Glaswegian accent, the refugee from Angola laughs about his nickname as he reflects on how much his guardians helped … Continued

A decade of the Scottish Guardianship Service: Lyne’s story

“I’ve just been accepted to do a Ph.D. in Ultrasonic Engineering at Glasgow University,” says 23-year old Lyne, who has just completed her Master’s at GCU. She attributes her academic success to the help she’s received over the last seven years from her guardians Alexis and Stephanie. “I’m proud of myself, and I want to … Continued

a decade of the scottish guardianship service: Shireen’s story

“I like Irn Bru. It’s the best drink in Scotland. It tastes like medicine. When I have a cough, I buy a big bottle.” Shireen was just 13 years old when he fled Afghanistan in 2008. When he arrived in the UK two years later, Shireen’s age was disputed by the Home Office. Despite being … Continued

A decade of the Scottish Guardianship Service: Yusra’s story

In 2011, a 15-year-old Yusra came to the Scottish Guardianship Service not knowing what the future held. Here is her story: “Do you know Tony Macaroni? We went there for our first date. It was awkward,” laughs 24-year old Yusra, who fled the civil war in Somalia nine years ago. “Even though Sayid had been … Continued

New Service To Keep Families Together

Angus Council and Aberlour Children’s Charity announce an innovative new service to support families in the Angus council area, commencing in November. The new “Sustain” service will help struggling families to stay together, by giving them the help and support they need, when they need it, to prevent a child from being taken into care. … Continued

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A decade of the Scottish Guardianship Service – Fartun’s story

Over the last ten years, nearly 700 asylum-seeking and trafficked children and young people have been supported by the Scottish Guardianship Service. Fartun was one of the first young people to come through their doors, read her story below. “It was the 16th of September, 2010. I remember the exact time. Six o’clock. That’s when … Continued

Blog – the Programme for Government needs to be stronger on child poverty

Last week the Scottish Government published their Programme for Government for 2020/21 – Protecting Scotland, Renewing Scotland – outlining the things they wish to do between now and the end of this Parliament next year. Presenting the Government’s programme and reflecting on its response to the Covid19 pandemic over the last five months, Nicola Sturgeon said to the Scottish Parliament, “A new hospital was … Continued

The Scottish Government introduces the UNCRC (Incorporation)(Scotland) Bill

“As the Scottish Government today introduces the UNCRC (Incorporation)(Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament, we must recognise the incredible efforts over the last 10 years and more from those who have worked so hard to get us to this point. Countless campaigners, children’s organisations and charities, children’s advocates, and, most importantly, Scotland’s children and young … Continued

Programme for Government ‘fails to adequately respond’ to rising tide of child poverty in Scotland

A coalition of anti-poverty organisations and children’s charities, including Aberlour, have today said that the decision not to bring forward an urgent cash boost to families living in poverty in the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, “fails to adequately respond” to rising levels of poverty that risk overwhelming Scotland’s communities in the coming months as … Continued

A Message from SallyAnn Kelly, Chief Executive: Tackling Child Poverty

The Scottish Government’s progress report on their Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan highlights the concerning picture of rising child poverty against a backdrop of increasing financial pressure for already struggling families across Scotland. With 1 in 4 children in Scotland already living in poverty the impact of coronavirus will only exacerbate child poverty further. At … Continued

SallyAnn Kelly

Innovative Partnership Announces Expansion of Services for Children in the Borders

Aberlour Children’s Charity announces today that services for children and young people are being expanded in the Scottish Borders.  An innovative partnership between Aberlour, Scottish Borders Council, Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) and The Robertson Trust has secured funding for two vital services for children, young people and their families.   Aberlour’s Sustain service works … Continued

Aberlour’s new chair announced

We’re delighted to announce that David Robb will be Aberlour’s new Chair from September. He’s had a long and distinguished career in the Scottish Government which he joined in 1990, he was Chief Executive of the Scottish Charity Regulator 2011-2019 and has been Chief Executive of the Student Awards Agency Scotland since January 2019. We … Continued

David Robb, Board of Directors

The Impact of COVID-19 on Equalities and Human Rights

Certain groups of children, young people, and families have been disproportionately affected as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes low-income families; those living with a disability; BAME children, young people and families; parents with learning disabilities; those affected by domestic abuse; and children and young people in care. Key issues … Continued

ALLIANCE interview with CEO SallyAnn Kelly

Watch this ALLIANCE Live interview with our CEO SallyAnn Kelly and Morgan, the face of our ‘No Bad Ends’ campaign to find out more about how Aberlour has been helping Scottish families and children during COVID-19. ALLIANCE Live is an information and learning portal connecting audiences to a range of experts from across health and … Continued

SallyAnn Kelly