Common Fostering Myths De-bunked


Throughout Foster Care Fortnight we have been sharing stories from our foster carers and young people to show the importance a loving, stable home is for a growing child.

Below are the common fostering myths many people believe which stops them becoming a foster carer and helping a local child.

Our fostering team have de-bunked the top seven myths they hear nearly on a daily basis.

1) I must own my property
No, you don’t need to own your house or flat, you can live in rented accommodation. All we ask is that you have a spare room available for your foster child to make their own.

2) I must be married or a in a couple
No, we have a number of long-term relationship and single parent families who foster for Aberlour. All we ask is that you are compassionate and dedicated to helping a child who has experienced trauma.

3) I must have had my own children or have childcare experience before I can foster
No, you don’t need parental experience to foster. We understand that through our own life experiences everyone can learn the skills to enable them to foster. All we ask is that our foster carers are keen to receive the training and support on offer to allow them to provide a safe and loving family environment for the child to thrive.

4) I cannot be in a same-sex couple if I wish to foster
No, we consider same-sex couples on the same basis as everyone else. All we ask is that the foster child is loved, supported and encouraged to grow and flourish.

5) I need to be in my 40s to foster
No, we consider foster carers from the age of 21+ as long as your health and wellbeing allow.

6) I can’t work
No, you may be employed. All we ask is at least one foster carer must be available within the home to provide full-time care.

7) I can’t have any pets in my house if I wish to foster
Yes, you can have pets and they will be included in as a part of your assessment to foster.

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