Coronavirus Urgent Assistance Appeal


One in four children in Scotland today are living in poverty. In some areas, it’s one in three.

Families and children are struggling to survive without food, clothing, warmth, and even a bed to sleep in. Without the basic essentials in life, it’s difficult to work or send children to school. And as families stay in behind closed doors, we are sadly seeing an increase in domestic abuse. The Coronavirus pandemic is making the situation worse.

The Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund makes cash payments to vulnerable families. Most of them ask for basic essentials like food, household items, toiletries, power cards, and emergency clothing where a parent must flee domestic violence.


Need to access the fund?

We have seen an exponential increase in applications to our Urgent Assistance Fund to help families throughout Scotland. These families are in desperate need and have nowhere else to turn. Donations to the Urgent Assistance Fund are making a real impact:

“This has definitely been such a lifeline for people. I don’t know what would happen, would have happened, without it, for a lot of these families and it doesn’t really bear thinking about.”

– Staff Member

Can I please say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for making this award – my young person and her son can have hot meals and now can get cleaning products to keep their home safe” – Mary, Participation Worker

“Many thanks indeed for such a prompt response. I know this award will make an incredible difference to this mum and her son”.

– Support worker

There is, however, still so much more to be done

Aberlour is calling on everyone to give what they can to our Urgent Assistance Fund so that children and families most in need can be assisted. That could include donating some of the money saved as a result of working at home, such as the cost of a takeaway coffee or the price of a bus fare.

SallyAnn Kelly, Aberlour Chief Executive said:

“Demand for our Urgent Assistance is at an unprecedented level: the number of applications has increased by 1400% and more than £499,000 has been given out since March.”

In the last six months, we’ve helped more than 2,131 families and 4085 children across Scotland and the number is growing. That’s why your support is crucial!

Aberlour Coronavirus Urgent Assistance Fund

Need to access the fund?

“We have an opportunity to come together as a nation to demonstrate our care and compassion for those who are really struggling right now. Please take that opportunity by donating to the Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund so that children, young people, and families don’t suffer as a result of coronavirus.”

– SallyAnn Kelly, Aberlour CEO.

How Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund helped Sarah and her baby

Shortly after Sarah’s baby was born, both became unwell and were rushed to intensive care for a week. After recovering, they were due to be discharged when it became apparent that Sarah had very little income and no support from family. That meant after paying her household bills and baby essentials, there wasn’t enough money left to buy warm clothing.

Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund came to the rescue for Sarah and her baby. It provided Sarah with a sum of money to enable her to have food for her cupboards and freezer, warm clothes for her and her baby to minimise any repeat visits to the hospital and money for her gas and electricity meters.


Do you need urgent financial assistance?

If you require urgent assistance, you can apply to receive funding from Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund. You’ll need a GP, Social Worker, or other professional you may be working with to agree to your application. Full details.


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