Daniel’s Story – Aberlour Fundraising Christmas Appeal

Daniel’s story

Daniel* is almost two years old, he has an older sister who has just turned six. His Dad is a single parent who loves Daniel and his sister dearly. Dad has a mild learning disability and is on a zero-hour contract, which leaves the family relying on benefits. They don’t have an extended family meaning Dad has to cope on his own.

Every day is a struggle to survive. Sacrificing the most basic provisions is just a way of life for the family. If there’s not enough money for food, Dad goes without. If there’s not enough money for electricity, the house is bitterly cold and their clothes are dirty and unwashed. The daily stress is taking its toll on Dad and is putting even more strain on the, already vulnerable, family.

The family have never celebrated Christmas – they simply can’t afford to. It’s hard to believe, but there are children in Scotland today who don’t know what Christmas is.

Too many children and families are at risk, struggling alone until a crisis hits. With 240,000 children living in poverty in Scotland, and numbers growing, Aberlour is limited in how many children and young people we can help. This Christmas, we need your support to reach vulnerable families across Scotland. Families like Daniel’s.

Your donation will provide the vital support that vulnerable families, like Daniel’s, so desperately need. Your donation could enable Aberlour to work closely with families to help them with finances, benefits, mental health and the other challenges they face. By helping Dad today, you will give Daniel, and his sister, a better future.

A bad start to life shouldn’t mean a bad end but babies like Daniel, living in Scotland’s most deprived communities, are three times more likely to die before the age of 25.

Your gift can offer hope to more children like Daniel. Your gift this Christmas will make sure that a bad start to life doesn’t mean a bad end.

Donate online or text ‘Aberlour‘ to 70085 to give £5 to make Christmas a better time of year for children like Daniel across Scotland.

*Name and image have been changed to protect identity.