Flash Mob Run

It’s back! In true flash mob style we’re giving you short notice of the third Flash Mob Run taking place in the Pentland Hills, just outside Edinburgh.

In 2014, following a spontaneous Breaking Strain Events Facebook post, a group of nocturnal running enthusiasts gathered at the foot of the Pentland Hills ready to embark on a head-torch lit night run. It was no frills: just trail, rolling hills and some spooky forest. It wasn’t Flash.

The route may only be a shade over a 10K but don’t expect the course to be too easy; the Pentland Hills are steep, winter is coming and the trail goes ever up. A trail run lit with glow sticks, all you need to bring is your head torch and a sense of adventure.


Man doing Flash Mob Run

Registration for the race will take place in the Event village located at the Flotterstone Information Centre

Registration opens at 1800 hours (6pm) with the race starting at 1930 hours (7.30pm)

Parking is relatively limited so we encourage car sharing and use of public transport (101 or 102 buses stop at Flotterstone from Edinburgh and Penicuik)

Mobile phone (to call the Race Director) in case of emergency, head torch, trail shoes, clothing suitable for the hills in November

Pentland Hills, just outside Edinburgh