Fighting digital exclusion


Aberlour focuses on helping children and their families early – before a challenge becomes a crisis. This was certainly the case when mum, Anne*, got in touch with one of our services in Fife.

Life was becoming very challenging for Anne. She was worried that her son, Mike* was at great risk of falling behind with his schoolwork during lockdown. She knew other families could help their children by giving them laptops and tablets but she and her husband couldn’t afford anything like that. The family had discovered that dad, David*, had been diagnosed with cancer, and Anne had to give up her job to care for him; this left the family with even less money and mum trying to juggle home and hospital at the same time.

Desperate to support her son, anne got in touch with Aberlour.

Aberlour was able to provide Mike with a tablet to keep up with his school work and to keep in touch with his dad while he was in hospital undergoing treatment for his cancer. Things were starting to look more positive for the family until they received the devastating news that David’s cancer was terminal.

digital exlusion Aberlour

Aberlour will be there for Mike and his family when they need us the most.

It’s only because of support from the general public that Aberlour is able to support children like Mike and his family.

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*all names changed to protect the anonymity of the family