fundraising at school or university

why should your school support aberlour?

You could make a difference to Scotland’s hidden children, by supporting Aberlour at school or university. Supporting a charity as part of an education project, is a winning combination.

We can help you learn about some of the challenges that children and young people in Scotland are facing every day, and how you can help them to flourish, by supporting Aberlour.

School pupils and students are some of the most creative fundraisers out there, and can host amazing events for other pupils and staff to enjoy. In return we’ll give you lots of support, materials and help get your name up in lights in the community, through local newspapers.

Why not get the ball rolling, by arranging a visit from one of our team? We’d love to come and meet you, and tell you about our work. Contact us at fundraising@aberlour.org.uk or 0800 085 6150.