Statement: Aberlour response to inquiry into institutional child abuse


Following the Ministerial statement to Parliament of 17 December 2014 at which Cabinet Secretary for Education, Angela Constance signalled the Scottish Government’s intent to hold a public inquiry into historical institutional child abuse, Aberlour Chief Executive SallyAnn Kelly said:

“Every victim of any kind of abuse should be given the opportunity to tell their story, so that we as a society might learn from it, and this inquiry will bring some degree of closure to victims who have never been afforded the opportunity to tell that story. We hope that it will be given the time and resources it needs to conduct its investigation with thoroughness and sensitivity, whilst working in a way that is complimentary to the work already being undertaken by the National Confidential Forum into historical abuse. It will then be up to everyone involved in the care of Scotland’s children to work together to ensure that they are kept safe and protected from such abuse in future. The inquiry will naturally have our full cooperation and support.”

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