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Aberlour Children’s Charity launches new foster carer recruitment campaign.

There are many reasons why a child can no longer live with their own families. Right now, across Scotland there are many children who desperately need a safe, loving home.

At Aberlour fostering, we understand just how important families are that’s because we are just like a family ourselves.

“The Aberlour team are very supportive. I have met the whole team, which is great as they are all there to support both Sarah and me.” – Liz, Aberlour foster carer.

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When you become a foster carer with Aberlour you join our very special family. We get to know all our foster carers giving them all the support and help they need including:

  • A dedicated family worker who will support you and your family every step of the way through the approval process.
  • A generous monthly foster carer fee, a monthly maintenance allowance and a set up allowance.
  • Support 24-7 and you’ll get regular visits or video calls from a social worker.
  • Short breaks which are tailored around your family’s needs.
  • Extensive training.

“If you feel you can give a child a loving home, and you can support them, and love them no questions asked you should do it. It will certainly enhance your life and it will enhance theirs.” – Jacquie, Aberlour foster carer.

Read Jacquie’s story>>

If you can give a child a loving home then please come and join our family.

Enquire now to become an Aberlour foster carer.