Launch of new Forum for care leavers


The National Confidential Forum (the Forum) has been set up to allow people who spent time in institutional care as children to come forward and share their experiences, whatever they are.

By taking part, participants will contribute to the Forum’s understanding of what it was like to be a child in care in Scotland.

All hearings, where people tell of their experiences, are confidential and non-judgemental and aim to contribute positively toward the health and wellbeing of participants.  The role of the Forum is to listen, understand and acknowledge these experiences.

Head of the National Confidential Forum, Anne Currie, said, “If you have been in institutional care as a child in Scotland, this is your chance to be heard.  At the hearings you can speak to us in the way that is best for you and at your own pace.  We accept and value what you say.

Your name will not be given in any reports made by the Forum.

Your testimony will help us understand what happened to children in the past and show us what can be done to make things safer for children in care today and in the future.  By taking part you could help make changes for the better.”

Anyone who spent time in institutional care as a child can come to the Forum.  You must be over 16 years old and no longer in care.  Institutional care means a residential care or health service.  The service could be run by a local authority, health board, a private provider or a charity.

Information on the types of institutions can be found at the Forum’s website at: www.nationalconfidentialforum.org.uk/who-is-it-for. If you are unsure on whether you are eligible then please contact the Forum’s support staff.