New campaign and manifesto for the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections


Aberlour has launched its Cash Now Families Always manifesto in preparation for the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2021.
Recent research by Professor Morag Treanor has highlighted the stark level of poverty and deprivation for so many families across Scotland. Before Covid-19 around 1 in 4 children in Scotland were living in poverty. As a result of the pandemic, many more families across the country are struggling to make ends meet and risk falling or being pushed deeper, into poverty.

With the upcoming elections, Aberlour has taken urgent action asking all political parties to commit to the manifesto’s six points to help struggling families across Scotland as the cost of living continues to rise and the pressures on families continue to mount.
At Aberlour, we know that not all children are born with an equal chance. Together, we will overcome poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.

Martin Canavan Head of policy and participation


Martin Canavan, Head of Policy and Participation at Aberlour, said:

“We think the best way we can do this is by making sure families have the means to provide for themselves – Cash Now – and that families who need extra help get the support they need, when they need it and how they want it – Families Always.”


Read the full Cash Now Families Always manifesto here>>