One Shirt One Month Challenge feature in The Sun


Our One Shirt One month challenge has been featured in The Sun two days before it takes off. So far it’s been backed up by some of our wonderful supporters who will wear the same shirt throughout November to raise money for families struck by poverty.

We also received the support of celebrities like international model Conor Newall and former Mrs. Scotland Universe, Rashmi Rai:

“I am definitely going to do the one T-shirt challenge and be washing and rinsing it out every night and hanging it on the radiator like so many people need to do.”

– Rashmi Rai, beauty queen, and a former Mrs. Scotland Universe

“For a lot of families, this is their reality. They don’t have a big selection of clothes to choose from. Many kids are going to school with the same shirt on. But these families take pride in what their children look like and how clean they are. So they are under constant pressure to get that uniform in the washing machine and dried for the morning for the week.” – Sally Ann Kelly, CEO Aberlour

Read the full article below: The Sun OSOM Feature

You can still sign up for our One Shirt One Month Challenge below: https://www.aberlour.org.uk/osom/