Orphanage Records

Were you or your relatives in the orphanage or one of our other services? 

Contact us to get access to records.

We have been able to help lots of people trace their family trees, by providing details from our archives, about relatives who spent time in our services. We are also able to help individuals to trace their own records, if they have spent time in our care.

how to access records

If requesting record details about yourself, please fill in this Individual Consent Form

If requesting details about someone else, please fill in this Third Party Consent Form

Data Protection:  please note – if you are not requesting information from your own file and the person you are enquiring about is alive, we will require signed confirmation from them stating they agree to details being divulged to you. Please send completed consent forms to Records Enquiries, Aberlour, 36 Park Terrace, Stirling, FK8 2JR or email them to orphanage.enquiries@aberlour.org.uk.

Read our statement in response to the Inquiry in to Institutional Child Abuse

please consider supporting our work

At Aberlour, we rely on your generous donations to fund our work with Scotland’s most vulnerable children and families. We are pleased to offer our services, which are currently provided on a volunteer basis, to help search for records of your time in Aberlour’s care, or those of your relatives.

To help cover our costs, we ask you to consider making a suggested donation of £20, but all contributions are gratefully received. We hope you understand and consider helping us continue to provide the search service, as well as our services for children and families.