Our response to SCVO’s update on fundraising regulation


AN ENHANCED model for fundraising regulation in Scotland will see greater responsibility placed on charities and OSCR to ensure good practice.

This approach has been agreed by the Scottish Fundraising Working Group, convened by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and follows extensive consultation with charities and the general public.

At Aberlour, we recognise the need to inspire greater trust and confidence in fundraising among the general public, and so we welcome all efforts that increase open, honest practice across the sector.

There will now be a robust set of standards established by an independent panel, made up of members of the public, charities, OSCR and the Scottish Government. A new Freephone fundraising complaints line and website has also gone live, to give advice to the public on how they can make complaints about fundraising.

At the heart of all Aberlour’s work, is a powerful set of values that inform everything we do. These values are just as important in our fundraising activities as they are in our practice with children and families. One of these values is integrity – which means always doing the right thing, even when no-one else is looking.

At Aberlour, we will strive to maintain our integrity in all our dealings with the donors who make our work possible and we will adopt the robust set of standards wholeheartedly.

The move toward greater responsibility for charities and OSCR, has been chosen in favour of signing up to regulation by a UK-wide Fundraising Regulator, or the setting up of a brand-new Scottish Fundraising Regulator.

The need for improved regulatory practices across the UK came to light last year, when the fundraising practices of a number of charities were called into question.

Publicity surrounding these cases led to a call for greater scrutiny of charity practices and enhanced measures to ensure that fundraising is more closely regulated.

If you have a concern about the fundraising tactics of a charity in Scotland, call Scottish Fundraising Complaints on 0808 164 2520; email scottishfundraisingcomplaints@scvo.org.uk or visit https://fundraisingcomplaints.scot/