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Download “The world stood still but we are still here” – an inspiring new book of lockdown stories written by parents with learning needs supported by Aberlour!

“The world stood still but we are still here” was written by a group of South Ayrshire parents supported by Aberlour. The families, many with learning needs, decided to support each other through the uncertainty and isolation of the first national lockdown, by writing a book about their unique experiences and memories.

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This book is special for many reasons…

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“The Coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for us all and it has forced us to look extra hard for rainbows and rays of light. The stories within this book certainly bring warmth and hope to everyone who reads them”

– Bruce Adamson, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland







Why read it?

Written in their own words by 18 mums and dads, the book documents how the parents have faced real-life challenges and managed to adjust to a different way of life. It highlights how each of the families dealt with the difficult situation and kept their children and themselves safe and happy throughout the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The stories are heart-warming and uplifting mixed with a dose of reality. They range from “Tuesdays by James” and how he misses his trips to the Man Shed in Ayr to “Monkey’s First Day at School” or “Covid 19 and the McCuskers” and will raise a smile, a laugh, or maybe even a tear.