Parents with learning needs campaign to #KeepThePromise


In January parents with learning disabilities and learning needs supported by our Family Service – South Ayrshire helped to plan and host an event for councilors, senior officials, and practitioners from South Ayrshire Council. Along with the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD), Aberlour hosted the event to help highlight the importance of The Promise and what it means for how vulnerable families across Scotland are supported.

Parents shared their stories of both the good and challenging experiences they have had of receiving help and support. SCLD highlighted good practice for supporting families when one or both parents have a learning disability or learning need. Aberlour outlined what The Promise means for making sure parents and their children get the help and support they need.

No place like home campaign SallyAnn

After 3 years of hearing from more than 5500 children, young people, and adults with experience of the care system, last year the Independent Care Review published its recommendations for change and improvement for how Scotland cares for its most vulnerable children, young people, and families – The Promise. The Scottish Government and all political parties committed to implementing The Promise in full.

Over the last two years, Aberlour’s No Place Like Home Campaign has aimed to raise awareness of the issues and challenges experienced by parents with learning disabilities and learning needs, including the increased likelihood of these families having their children taken into care. Alongside parents, Aberlour and SCLD have campaigned to influence change in policy and practice to make sure parents get the right help and support they need to help keep families together.