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Calling for doubling the Scottish Child Payment to help low-income families survive

We asked supporters to sign our petition calling for the Government to double the Scottish Child Payment from £10 to £20 per child per week.

We asked this because 1 in 4 children in Scotland are trapped in poverty. This means they lack necessities such as food, electricity, clothes, and even a bed to sleep in.

  • We know that increasing numbers of families across Scotland are struggling to make ends meet as child poverty rises.
  • Failure to act will result in a further rise in child poverty.
  • The economic impact of repeated lockdowns: many more families, who were managing to makes ends meet before, are now falling into the grip of hunger and despair.
  • Together we can change that for good.

As a result of the petition all political parties pledged to double the Scottish Child Payment during the election and the new Scottish Government is now committed to do this.

We will continue to campaign and to lobby the Scottish Government to make sure this happens within the first year of this parliament so that families feel the maximum impact of this increase.

Together we can change minds

Haley lives in Falkirk with her two girls Alix (6) and Evie (10 mo). As a single Mum, she’s really struggled financially at times and has found it hard to keep everyone fed and clothed whilst paying the gas and electricity bills. She has been given help from Aberlour with essentials such as food, baby clothes, a cot and a bed, clothing, etc.

Doubling the Scottish Child Payment from £10 to £20 per week per child would give Haley, and thousands of other low-income families, peace of mind and a chance to provide for her children properly.

“An additional £10 per child per week would make a massive difference to the girls and me. The cost of living is going up all the time and just knowing that we could afford everyday essentials like food and clothing, without having to rely on charities, would be so good.”

On behalf of all families who are finding it tough financially thank you for signing our petition” – Haley


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