Trainspotting 2 Assistant Director awards 8-year-old from Govan prize for citywide photography competition


An 8-year-old from Govan has won a citywide photography competition for his depiction of friendship through a series of photos taken on a disposable camera.

Organised by the Glasgow Youthpoint service of Aberlour Children’s Charity, George Wilson’s raw and authentic portrayal of friendship caught the imagination of those on the judging panel, including BAFTA award winning director Garry Fraser, who worked on Trainspotting 2 with Danny Boyle and photographer and picture editor for The Herald, Damian Shields.

There were 400 entries from young people across Glasgow aged between eight and 25, taking photographs on camera phones and disposable cameras which were split into three categories; My Friends, My Hobbies and My Community. The winner of the ‘My Hobbies’ category was Erin Egan, aged 10, from Kennishead, who captured an image of a young girl playing on her trampoline in the sunshine. The winner of the ‘My Community’ category was Abby Buchanan, aged 11, from Kennishead, who captured an image of a green riverside walk in a suburb of Glasgow.

Winning contestant George commented: “I thought I wasn’t a winner, I was so shocked I was jumping around the house and I thought my mum was lying when she told me. I’m very happy!”

Garry Fraser, who has worked with Aberlour on a number of other projects, said: “I was delighted to be part of Aberlour’s judging panel for their young person’s photography competition. I was blown away by the quality of the entries – it’s amazing what the young people achieved with disposable cameras! I’m passionate about the role of creative expression in elevating young people’s opportunities, and with the right support and encouragement these photographers will have a bright future ahead of them.”

Photographer and picture editor for The Herald, Damian Shields commented: “I was honoured to be asked onto the judging panel for Aberlour, Scotland’s children’s charity. It was an absolute pleasure to look over the 400 entries by young people aged 12-25 in Glasgow. There were some brilliant images by a very talented bunch of enthusiastic snappers.”

Martin Canavan, Policy and Participation Officer at Aberlour, who was also on the judging panel added: “We were so impressed with the variety of responses we received from over 400 talented youngsters. It’s so important to provide young people with the platform to develop their skills. The judges chose the overall winning photo because we were impressed with the bright colours of the Jelly Tots juxtaposed against the grey of the concrete. The angle from which the photo is taken, so low to the ground, gives it a child’s-eye view, but there’s an element of gritty realism to it too.”

Aberlour Youthpoint Glasgow uses the street-work setting to build relationships and open-up opportunities, such residential outings and on-to-one support, for young people living in areas of high deprivation, crime and drug use. The service is currently supporting approximately 270 young people across the city.