Aberlour Response to the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Action Bill

As Scotland’s largest, solely Scottish Children’s charity, Aberlour supports any and every attempt to end child poverty. More than one in five children in Scotland currently live in poverty and we believe it is unacceptable that any child in Scotland should experience poverty for any reason

Aberlour Response – to the Scottish Parliament’s inquiry “We need to talk about palliative care”

Aberlour is Scotland’s largest solely Scottish children’s charity. Working in over 40 locations across Scotland in fields such as disabilities; residential and foster care for looked after children and parental substance use.

Aberlour Response – to the proposed Support for Children (impact of parental imprisonment) (Scotland) Bill

Aberlour has worked both in prisons and in the community to provide support for families affected by parental imprisonment for many years. We have seen, first hand, the impact that parental imprisonment can have on attachment, resilience and life outcomes in children of all ages.

Aberlour Evidence – on the Carers (Scotland) Bill

Aberlour’s written stage 1 evidence to the Health and Sport committee of the Scottish Parliament in respect of the Carers Scotland Bill

Annual Accounts Year ended March 31, 2015