Early intervention


Sometimes all it takes is for someone to step in at the right time, to stop someone’s troubles deepening. In Aberlour, this kind of work is known as early intervention – getting involved with a young person or parent, to give help, before difficulties become too large to overcome.

For a young person struggling with their behaviour at school, that type of early help can stop them facing exclusion from class.

For parents who are struggling in the family home, help offered at the right time, can stop children from being considered to be at risk, or even taken out of their parents’ care.

For some very marginalised children and young people – refugees and victims to trafficking – stepping in to help them, can stop them from being exploited.

For a pregnant woman, struggling with her own mental health, help offered as early as possible can mean the best start in life for her baby.

We believe in early intervention and offering the right kind of support, to make sure that every child gets the chance to flourish.

I was having problems at school. I was being bullied and I had a really big drinking problem. I had behavioural problems you could say. I was like a firecracker. I physically could not speak to anyone unless I had a drink in me. I had a lot of dependency on drink at that time, when I was 13.

Kate's story