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Early years services help families who may be struggling with the demands of very young children. We recognise that looking after babies and toddlers can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons, and we are there to lighten the load.

Our early years services work with families in lots of different ways. In some we help mums who might suffer from mental health difficulties, such as anxiety and depression. We may also be working with pregnant women and dads to help them get ready for the birth of a baby. Some of our services offer classes in things like baby massage or child development, or perhaps a crèche or play setting for little ones to enjoy while parents meet with others going through similar challenges.

In all cases, we do everything we can to help parents build their own confidence and skills, so that their children get the best possible start in life, and a happy, healthy home.

Having a befriender has made me become a very strong and wise person. That’s the only way I can describe it. I hope other folk get a befriender too. I’d recommend it to everybody.

Louise's Story


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