Aberlour Perinatal Befriending Support Service – East Lothian


Based in East Lothian and Forth Valley, we help mothers struggling with anxiety and depression in pregnancy, and after their baby is born.

We match the mothers with highly-trained perinatal befrienders, who offer emotional support to help tackle poor mental health and wellbeing.

Our befrienders are there for mothers throughout their pregnancy, until their baby is one. As a result, this relationship helps mum, her partner and immediate family. We aim to improve parents’ mental health, reduce social isolation and promote healthy attachments between baby and parents.

If you are pregnant and answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, our service could help you.

  • Are you worried about bonding with your baby?
  • Are you concerned about perinatal depression/anxiety?
  • Have you received a diagnosis for mild to moderate perinatal depression/anxiety?
  • Are you losing interest in things?
  • Feeling slowed down?
  • Are you staying at home a lot?
  • Feeling unable to or worried about going out?
  • Feeling anxious or stressed about things you usually would not be?
  • Have you suffered mild to moderate depression/anxiety in the past?
  • On medication for depression/anxiety?
  • Are you feeling alone?
  • Do you have limited support networks?
  • Have you experienced difficulties during pregnancy?
  • Have you found birth traumatic?

We also take referrals from GP’s, midwives, health visitors and other agencies.


We are looking to add to our team of Perinatal Befrienders. If you have a few spare hours each week and are a great listener, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about being a Perinatal Befriender.

Contact Details

Randall House,
East Lothian,

EH33 1RW


01875 632 055