Aberlour Family Outreach – Dundee


We help parents and children who are struggling to cope as a result of drug and alcohol use in the family. We work with whole families as well as children on their own and will work with children from birth.

how we help families affected by drug and alcohol use

We give children a trusted person they can talk to. This important relationship makes it easier for them to open up about what they are going through at home. Our family workers also give practical help with schoolwork and homework. We will attend meetings at the school when necessary, to make sure the family is getting support across the board. We also work with parents in their own homes, to help them create a safe environment for their children.

Finally, we offer a regular cooking group to help children and parents develop an interest in cooking and eating healthy, nutritious food. These regular sessions are very popular, not just because they offer a fun, group activity to take part in. Importantly, they also give parents an opportunity to boost their own life skills. The lessons they learn at our cooking groups are then taken into the family home.

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