Aberlour Family Support Service- Cornton Vale


We help women in Cornton Vale, who are serving a sentence or are remanded in custody. Our work is focused on supporting mums in particular, both those women who are pregnant and those with children already.

Some of the women in Cornton Vale have their baby with them and they stay in a specialist mother and baby unit where our staff help them to provide a loving and nurturing environment. We also support women in Cornton Vale to have regular visits with their children in the prison, and maintain good family relationships while they are in custody.

We help mums with parenting support and independent family living skills, to help them prepare for when they are released. Our staff also deliver specialist programs on topics including parenting and children’s health and emotional well-being. We also deliver programs to help women in Cornton Vale to cope with bereavement and loss.

Aberlour has contributed to research on the topic of What’s Best For Babies in Prison, including The Rose Project, a collaborative piece of work with The Unversity of Stirling.

We are also involved in training prison staff in perinatal mental health, so they can support mums who experience anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after their baby is born.



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Aberlour Family Support Service - Cornton Vale
C/O HMP YOI Cornton Vale
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