Kith ‘n’ Kin


We support kinship carers who are taking care of another relative’s children. This arrangement is often in place because a parent has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Usually kinship carers are grandparents. Our service covers Dundee, Perth and Kinross.

The service is delivered in partnership with Tayside Council on Alcohol.

how do we help kinship carers?

Firstly, we give them someone to talk to in a safe, confidential environment. We also offer groups for kinship carers to meet others, going through some of the same challenges they are. Our support can help kinship carers to gain access to networks of other caregivers, in a similar situation. These networks and groups can lead to friendships among groups of people experiencing a very specific challenge.

what is kinship care?

There are two types of arrangement. Informal care is when family members look after children without involvement of the court or a social service agency. The other type of arrangement is formal care. This is’when arrangements are made with the court and the assistance of an agency, such as Child Protective Services.

Who are we here to help?

Whatever the arrangement, grandparents and other caregivers who are raising a relative’s child in Tayside can access the project. Kith ‘n’ Kin is a confidential service. We hope that through our service, kinship carers will feel supported and part of a wider community of carers, all striving to provide a safe and loving environment for children to live.

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Kith ‘n’ Kin
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