Love InC Project


What do love and relationships mean for children and young people who have care experience? 

Aberlour, Includem, The Care Inspectorate and CELCIS have received funding from The Life Changes Trust Workforce Development Initiative to develop a partnership project to explore this.

The quality and long-term impact of a young person’s care experience can directly influence the relationships they have with the adults who care for them. As a result, these relationships impact on the relationships they build, develop and sustain throughout their lives.

We believe that focusing on the relational aspects of the care experience is vital. Meaningful relationships create a care system where children feel loved, but can also thrive and realise their potential.

The Love InC Project’s broad aim is to:

  • work collaboratively with partners and other key stakeholders and organisations
  • gather the views of children and young people on their experience of love and relationships within the care system
  • develop an approach which ensures love is an integral and fundamental aspect of any child or young person’s care experience.

At the core of this project are the voices and stories of young people who have care experience, including those who have left care. They will:

  • consult and engage with at every stage of the project
  • have the opportunity to co-create the research through involvement in gathering, analysing and evaluating data
  • have a crucial role in developing and disseminating the guidance to practitioners and other stakeholders
  • develop skills and experience, so they will benefit when considering future training and employment.

The project is based in Fife and Aberdeen. Still, we will look to gather the views of children, young people, and adults with lived experience of the care system, from throughout Scotland.

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