Perinatal Awareness Sessions


“I felt low, very low. Like I didn’t know how I was going to go on. I didn’t think I could cope any longer. And lonely, so incredibly lonely. I was so lost.”

Did you know that one in three mothers and one in ten fathers experience mental health problems in pregnancy or in their child’s early years?

Perinatal mental health problems cost the UK over £8 billion every year and cause untold distress for mothers, fathers, their children and their families.

But you can help.

Learn the best way to support your employees, colleagues and peers through Aberlour’s interactive awareness sessions for workplaces and community groups. These sessions will help you, so you can learn what you do to help pregnant women and new mums to maintain good mental health.

To learn more and book your free session, please email: enquiries@aberlour.org.uk or call 0800 0856 150.


We are currently looking for volunteer befrienders. If you would love to support a local mother or father, we want to hear from you.

do you need help?

Or if you, your family or someone you know could benefit from perinatal support, contact our teams today: