Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service


Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service helps keep women out of jail in a supported bail arrangement, to benefit their children. We also help them to become resilient and positive parents.

Many women in the criminal justice system have been victims of trauma themselves. As a result, many have struggles with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health. In addition, often they have to deal with additional challenges like homelessness and poverty. Many lack a strong support network, to help them make positive choices. Without this support, and as a result of the many challenges they face, they are at risk of breaching bail conditions and being held on remand.

As a result, this then means they lose access to their children. Ultimately, the cycle continues.

how we help

Our service helps women to avoid a custodial sentence. We can provide the emotional and practical support they need to stay out of jail, and break the offending cycle.

We help tackle the issues which contribute to offending behaviour, including

  • Housing and homelessness,
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Poor mental or physical health
  • Trauma recovery

Our team can also provide programmes to help children.

We deliver this service with Turning Point Scotland.

We work in partnership with a range of agencies including Police Scotland and Court Social Work teams, to identify women who may benefit from our help.

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