Aberlour Youthpoint – Glasgow


We help children and young people living in areas where there can be high levels of deprivation, crime and drug use.

Our youth workers reach out to young people who are being missed by other services, by meeting them on their territory – the streets.

Often with chaotic home environments, the young people who are hanging about at night are vulnerable in lots of ways. Many are at risk of using drugs and alcohol, committing crimes and coming to harm through violent gang culture. A simple intervention from a positive adult role model, taking in interest in them and their welfare, can often be all it takes to bring about positive changes in their lives.

Aberlour Youthpoint – Glasgow uses the street-work setting to build relationships, which leads on to further opportunities for young people to take part in, including youth clubs, group work, residential outings and one-to-one support.


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Contact Details

Aberlour Youthpoint - Glasgow
1st floor
135 Fifty Pitches Road

G51 4EB


(0141) 260 9180