Aberlour Youthpoint – Moray


We help children and young people in Moray who may be struggling with their emotions and behaviour, prompting concerns about their well-being. 

Our team is there for children and young people who need extra support. Due to their circumstances, they may be at risk of exclusion from school or struggle with their emotions. Some feel they have no-one to turn to for help. Some might have a chaotic home life, for example, other family members misusing drug and alcohol. This part of the service is known as intensive community support. 

how we help children and young people in Moray

Our youth workers provide individualised help for our children and young people in a safe and relaxed setting. They help them to understand that consequently, the issues affecting them can sometimes be the cause of their behaviour. They help them take steps to overcome their difficulties at home, school and in the community. The team also work with other family members, parents and carers to improve relationships at home.

The team at Aberlour Youthpoint – Moray understands that when children and young people deal with difficult circumstances at home or school, it can lead to complex feelings. Our staff are sensitive, compassionate and build positive, constructive relationships with young people and families.

We also offer a mentoring service which matches trained and committed volunteers with young people who would benefit from extra support. Young people may need extra support if they struggle to make and sustain friendships or are at risk of social exclusion. In general, mentors can provide relief to young people experiencing difficulties in life. Our mentors give them someone to talk to about their worries, allowing them to practice their social skills.

For some young people, a mentor offers a great way to boost their confidence and help them develop employability skills after they have left school.

The mentoring service supports young people aged 12-25.

How to access help from our service

Anyone can make referrals to our mentoring service. We regularly receive requests from teachers, social workers, police, housing staff, parents and young people themselves.

Requests for support from the intensive community support service can only be made by the Social Work department.

If you would like to refer a child or young person to us for help, please contact us.

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