Take the politics out of childcare


As attention shifts to the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary Election, the territories over which this campaign will be fought have already started to emerge. How we answer the many challenges around the delivery of affordable, high quality childcare for a modern Scotland is clearly an area likely to create debate but we believe it is time to take party politics out of that debate and place the needs of children at the very centre.

 As Scotland’s leading charities, working with children and families we have come together, as members of Scotland’s Childcare Alliance, to publicly challenge every political party contesting this election to take the politics out of childcare and find consensus around an issue which affects so many families in this country. 

Throughout successive elections and even in the recent independence referendum, the provision of more comprehensive, universally funded childcare has been a key offer from parties setting out their political wares. But the issue is far more complex than the number of funded hours on offer and a more mature and sophisticated approach is required.

On 25th of June, the Commission on childcare reform, headed up by Colin McLean, published its final report and recommendations. These offer us a bold and innovative vision for the shake up and redesign of our childcare system in a way that will better answer the needs of all children and parents, meeting childcare requirements with flexibility and increased choice. FinalChildcareCommissionReportJune2015