The Clock is Ticking…

The clock is ticking… Stop children suffering, before it’s too late.

We help over 7,500 children and families across Scotland, however there are many more that need  our help and support.

We need to get there sooner

We want to reach Scotland’s vulnerable children as early as possible to stop damage being done, before families reach crisis point, before it’s too late. Taking action quickly, significantly improves long-term outcomes for children and young people.

Results of a survey commissioned by Aberlour have revealed that 9 out of 10 Scots support the view that there should be more emphasis placed on helping vulnerable children as soon as problems emerge, rather than waiting until families are at crisis point. Furthermore, 86% agree that the issue of vulnerable children is one that affects families from all types of backgrounds and in all parts of Scotland.


We’re asking our supporters to help us stop the clock on children’s suffering by pledging to #SpendAnHour of their time fundraising so that we can reach children and families in need of help sooner.

There are lots of events you can take part in and we’ve also come up with some creative ways for you to raise funds for Scotland’s children.

Can you #SpendAnHour? Click here or email hello@aberlour.org.uk to find out more.

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We could have got there sooner…

We worked with Roisin’s son Ashley through our disability service, Options in Fife. Watch Roisin’s video:

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