Meet Our Volunteers

Laurie’s Volunteering Story

In 2021, Laurie applied to volunteer with Aberlour while completing her degree in Psychology. “I wanted to sign up for volunteering because I felt it was really important to give back some of my time to those who need it most. I wanted to help those who are less fortunate than I am. The work … Continued

Laurie's Volunteering Story

Ben’s Volunteering Story

I started volunteering with Aberlour’s befriending service in October 2020. I had suffered from anxiety and depression. As part of my efforts to improve my mental health, I wanted to find new ways to engage positively with my local community and contribute towards improving it in some way. I had already started volunteering elsewhere as … Continued

Ben's Volunteering Story

Ciara’s Volunteering Story

To celebrate Student Volunteering Week Ciara shares her story on why she wanted to volunteer for Aberlour and the benefits she has gained from volunteering. Ciara’s Story As a Psychology student with a keen interest in the domains of Forensic and Clinical Psychology, the opportunities Aberlour offered were the perfect fit for both utilizing my … Continued

Ciara's Volunteering Story

Mike’s Volunteering Story

“Volunteering at Aberlour has been very fulfilling for me.  I have been teaching music ever since I first learned guitar at the age of 16, and it is really great to give young people the chance to do the same.” Watch Mike’s online concert with a young person he teaches:

Jen’s Volunteering Story

Jen, one of our student volunteers, explains why she wanted to volunteer with Aberlour and what she loves the most. “My name is Jen, I’m 29 and I have been volunteering with Aberlour Children’s Charity since around May 2019.” “I wanted to get involved in volunteering since starting at University. I study Psychology as my … Continued

Jen, Aberlour Student Volunteer

Lewis’ Befriending Story

Lewis recently joined our Befriending Young Refugees service in Glasgow as a volunteer befriender. Here he shares his experience of becoming a befriender and why he wished to help young people arriving in Glasgow without their families. “I wanted to become a befriender with Aberlour as I was aware of the challenges refugees face in … Continued

Mary’s Befriending Story

At the beginning of 2019, Mary was considering voluntary work when she came across an advert looking for volunteer befrienders in her local area. “I had thought about doing voluntary work. I thought, maybe I should do something – something that would be a bit different for me, but I hadn’t done anything about it. … Continued

Mary's Befriending Story

Ross’ Mentoring Story

Ross is a volunteer mentor with Aberlour Attain – Renfrewshire and currently supports a young person within his local area. Find out why Ross wished to become a mentor and about the process he completed to become one. Ross’ Volunteer Mentoring Story My name is Ross. I am from Paisley and I have been a … Continued

Ross, Aberlour Mentor, Aberlour Attain - Renfrewshire

Sophie’s Befriender Story

Sophie, a 19 year old student, started volunteering in November 2017. She came across Aberlour through an online search for voluntary opportunities in her local area, hoping to develop her skills and experience to accompany her university studies: “I wanted to volunteer in order to gain greater experience of working with individuals with disabilities, increase … Continued

Sophie, Aberlour Volunteer Befriender

Claire’s Volunteering Story

Claire began her volunteering experience with Aberlour over ten years ago. “At the time I was working within Youth Clubs with groups. I was looking to get some experience working one to one with young people, and I thought Aberlour was a good organisation. I felt that the work they did was very important, and … Continued

Angela’s Volunteering Story

I had already volunteered with Aberlour in the past and when I saw the advert for Perinatal Befriending I knew this was something I wanted to do because I recognised this was a service that I myself would have benefited from 20 years ago. my volunteering story When I became pregnant for the third time … Continued

Angela, Perinatal Befriender

Jakki’s Volunteering Story

Jakki applied to volunteer at the end of 2018. Although working full time, Jakki felt that she had some spare time on her hands since her children were now older. Jakki had been looking for a voluntary opportunity when she saw a post on social media. My Volunteering Story “I hadn’t heard of Aberlour before. … Continued


Lyndon’s Volunteer Story

Lyndon is a Residential Worker within Aberlour’s Highland Sycamore services. In September 2017, Lyndon applied to volunteer with Aberlour after seeing an advert online. With previous experience of working with children in a residential setting, Lyndon was looking for the right opportunity to use his skills again. My Volunteering Story “I hadn’t heard of Aberlour. … Continued

Liah’s Volunteer Story

Liah volunteers as a Mentor with Aberlour Youthpoint – Moray, a service designed to support children and young people facing challenges and struggles in life. My volunteering Story “I found out about the mentoring role through Skills Development Scotland. I was looking to get some experience in supporting young people for my future career prospects, … Continued