Make a complaint

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of Aberlour.

How to make a complaint

If you feel able to, you can:

  • Speak to the staff member
  • Speak to the service manager
They will do what they can to put things right straight away, and, if something has not been good enough, apologise and make changes. If you are still not happy, or if you prefer, you can ask for the complaint to be formally investigated.

How to make a formal complaint

To make a complaint, fill in the complaints form or contact the quality team using the details below.

Aberlour values your feedback about our services. If we do something wrong or that you don't agree with, we want to know about it.

This gives us the opportunity to learn and improve as an organisation, and to make sure that we can make our services better for the people who use them.

We also want to hear if you have had a positive experience with Aberlour so that we can celebrate and recognise the excellent work of our services.

If you would like to submit a comment or complaint, please complete the form below:

Phone: 01786 450 335


Write to us at:
Aberlour Quality Team,
Kintail House, Forthside Way,

for registered services like Sycamore houses, Options services, Foster Care you can also contact:
Care Inspectorate,
Compass House,
11 Riverside Drive,


Why it’s important to make a complaint

If you feel unhappy with an experience you have had with Aberlour we want to hear about it so we can look into it and make any improvements needed.

What happens with my complaint?

We will contact you about your complaint as quickly as possible. We will fully investigate the complaint. This means that we will work hard to find out what went wrong, and then we will try to fix it. In some cases we may need to speak to other people we work with, like schools, social workers or other people who may be involved.