Our purpose

Aberlour Children’s Charity helps disadvantaged children and families in Scotland have a brighter future.
Our Vision
Not all children are born with an equal chance. We will work together to beat poverty and discrimination.
Our Mission
Is to be brave for children and families. We work together to beat poverty, disadvantage and discrimination. We provide support at the earliest opportunity. Giving children an equal chance, and the best possible start in life is at the heart of everything we do.
Our Values
1. Respect
We care about one another’s feelings and opinions. As an organisation that stands up for every child’s right to thrive, a culture of respect is inherent in our work.
2. Integrity
We recognise that to represent the concerns of Scotland’s children and families fully, we may have to take difficult decisions. We strive to act with integrity at all times.
3. Innovative
We are committed to improving how we help Scotland’s most disadvantaged children and families earlier and faster. We know that they are experts in their own lives and can help us become the best possible innovators. We use this expertise to drive our ideas and our thinking.
4. Challenging
We challenge ourselves to be the best we can be and we listen carefully to children and families about their experiences. Externally we use our campaigning voice to strengthen policies that promote equal opportunity and equality. We make sure the voices of children and families are heard.
Group of young Aberlour supported children sitting on a bench
What we do
We offer a range of services across Scotland. These offer practical and emotional care and support, including: 
  • Residential and Fostering
  • We believe every child deserves a safe, loving and nurturing home. We provide residential and foster care for children unable to live with their families.
  • Recovery
  • We are there for families affected by addiction. From a parent or a carer struggling with drug use to a child affected by a parent’s addiction.
  • Early Years
  • We lighten the load for families that need extra help raising their young children.
  • Disability
  • We ensure children with a disability get the right care and support they need. Every family is unique, and we will go the extra mile so both children and their families feel loved and cared for.
  • Urgent Assistance Fund
  • We give immediate relief to families who are struggling to provide food, heating and clothing for their children.
  • Early Intervention
  • We are there for families before difficulties become too large to overcome. Sometimes stepping in at the right time can stop someone’s troubles deepening.
Our tailored services help each child, young person and family be the best that they can be. We support individuals and families overcome significant challenges in life.