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Fostering agency transfers

Fostering Agency Transfers

Are you already a foster carer and thinking of transferring to Aberlour Fostering? Then get in touch! We would love to chat with you

What could Aberlour Fostering offer you and your family?

  • We are a professional and friendly team of Social Workers and a Family Worker to support our foster carers to understand their child’s individual needs. You will get to know the whole team. We will be there to help you 24/7 through both the lovely and challenging times. We really are like a family ourselves.
  • We pay our foster carers extremely well because we recognise the exceptional value that they bring to the children’s lives.
  • Extensive training and consultants are available and tailored to the individual support needs of your child and you as foster carers.
  • Our Family Worker will support both your foster child and birth children.
  • Feedback from carers who have transferred have said Aberlour Fostering feels more “inclusive”, “personalised”, “like a family” and “it is remarkable how we are already seeing how much more attentive Aberlour Fostering are to the needs of our fostering family. Loving our time with Aberlour.”
One of our foster carers David transferred to Aberlour Fostering too. Watch the video below of him discussing why he is glad he transferred to Aberlour Fostering.

The transfer process

If you are considering transferring agencies and have any further questions, please give call us on 01592 591500 or email We strive to make this process as smooth as possible whilst we support you to join our fostering family.
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