Kerrie’s Story

Kerrie has been working with the Aberlour Family Support Service in Glasgow since she left her abusive partner. Find out from her how the team are helping her to feel safe and be confident moving into the future.

my story

About 1 year ago my health visitor introduced me to Aberlour as I was just leaving my abusive partner. My doctor and health visitor used the 6-week scan of my second baby as the opportunity for me and my two kids to escape.

As we had to leave our family home I stayed with my family for a month or so before moving into a woman’s aid refuge. That didn’t really suit me as my family couldn’t come visit so I managed to get temporary accommodation with the council. That flat was ideal as it was across the road from where I grew up and my family were close by. That is when I started working with Diane as she helped me to get a more permanent home for me and the kids.

I meet with Diane weekly, which is amazing as talking with her has really helped with my confidence in the house with the kids and I am now feeling more confident going out and about as well.

When we first met, I was in financial crisis. The first thing Diane did was help me to work out the money I had coming in and what I had going out. She helped me to contact the job centre to make sure the benefits I was receiving were correct. She has taught me all about safety, ensuring I ask who it is when they buzz at the door before letting them into the building, keeping my door locked at all times, and checking the peep hole to make sure I am letting who I buzzed into the building into my flat.

Diane is always there to offer advice and helps me when I visit my lawyer. As I am a victim of domestic abuse, she let me know I can apply for compensation due to my injuries. I wouldn’t have known this was available to me, so she is helping me progress this with the lawyer. Not only is she helping me with that, she has helped me to register on the Victim Notification Scheme, which again I didn’t know existed.

When we first moved into my flat, I had nothing. Diane helped me access the Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund to buy items for my house. She also helped me to get a double pram for the kids as my old one broke.

Recently I discovered that my ex-partners family live in my block of flats and also live in the block next door. That has really knocked my confidence as I don’t feel safe. I am worried that they will tell my ex-partner where I am and come and get me and the kids. When I told Diane this, she let me know that I can apply for a new home, one away from his family. We are now working with the local housing association for me to get a new house. I am really looking forward to that as I want to put down roots for me and the kids and create a safe home where they can grow.

I really couldn’t have done any of this without the support of Diane and Aberlour. I wouldn’t have known where to begin. By talking to Diane about my experience it is helping me to deal with it and move on. Now I am more confident, I am looking forward to the future and building a safe stable environment for my children.

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