Lyndon’s Volunteer Story

Lyndon is a Residential Worker within Aberlour’s Highland Sycamore services. In September 2017, Lyndon applied to volunteer with Aberlour after seeing an advert online. With previous experience of working with children in a residential setting, Lyndon was looking for the right opportunity to use his skills again.

My Volunteering Story

“I hadn’t heard of Aberlour. I’d previously worked for private companies in England, but I saw that Aberlour was a charity and thought, ‘perfect, that’s what I’m looking for.’”

Lyndon began his role as an Activity Buddy Volunteer in the summer of 2018, and quickly developed positive relationships with both children and staff members alike:

“I was helping to build a summer house, the children got involved and it sparked their curiosity. I’ve also been teaching some of the children guitar and one child has really taken to it. It was almost meant to be. The children are teaching me something too – they teach me about their game systems, and we have a good laugh. It improves your communication too – kids speak a different language so you’re in the loop!”

Rhonda Wilson, Head of Residential in the Highlands, explains the impact Lyndon has had on the children:

“Lyndon was a fantastic role model especially for the boys in our care as the team are predominately female. Lyndon taught one of our boys to play the guitar, which had a calming effect on our young man. This also brought his confidence out, with our young man continuing to use music as a therapeutic tool. Although Lyndon is now a team member in another house, he continues to visit our children, to continue his relationships.”

For Lyndon, volunteering with Aberlour was the step back into working with children he was looking for:

“Volunteering with Aberlour has rekindled my enthusiasm, and I remembered how much satisfaction you can get from working with children. I enjoy being part of a team in Aberlour, it’s like a family. It’s nice to be sitting down at a table over a meal, talking about different things and feeding the children’s curiosity and imagination. It’s nice to be involved and accepted as part of the family.”

Now a highly valued member of staff, Lyndon still advocates for volunteering within Aberlour:

“I do reflect on what I’ve done. Volunteering in general is good for the soul and gives you a feeling money can’t buy. For me, kicking around a football with a child brought out my youth, my energy and my enthusiasm. I would 100% recommend others to volunteer.”

“Even making a difference to one person’s life – that’s a step in the right direction.”

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